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Join renowned Shark Expert Dr Elke Bojanowski for a Shark Week liveaboard

Red Sea DTA Team



Photo above: Oceanic White Tip Shark photographed by Dr Elke Bojanowski at Daedalus Reef on 4th October 2021.

Thanks to the work of Dr Elke Bojanowski and her Red Sea Sharks Trust, we can tell you that the individual male Oceanic White Tip Shark was first documented in 2014 at the Brothers. He was given the ID-number clo-0786, one of more than 1000 individual oceanics identified and catalogued in the largest database for this species in the world.

He was resighted at the same location in 2015, and then reappeared in 2019, this time in Daedalus Reef. And this is exactly where he was spotted again just a couple of weeks ago, by now a fully grown male Oceanic White Tip Shark.

It is this kind of unique knowledge that Elke is sharing with guests on her dedicated SHARK WEEKS on M/Y SCUBA SCENE in the Egyptian Red Sea.

None of the other shark-themed weeks can provide you with a similar level of personal involvement in local shark research, years of experience and background knowledge, a consequence of thousands of dives with sharks – especially Oceanic White Tip Sharks – in Egyptian waters across the last 17 years.

The valuable work conducted by the Red Sea Sharks Trust under Elke’s guidance means we now know even more about Oceanic White Tip populations in the Red Sea as well as other threatened shark species. Shark tourism is helping to make sharks more valuable alive than killed for their fins.

Interested in joining one of the Red Sea Shark Trust’s shark trips with Elke?

While shark sightings cannot be guaranteed, the choice of itineraries maximizes the chances, and you have the option to join Elke’s informative afternoon presentations throughout the week.

The next available SHARK WEEK spaces are available aboard M/Y SCUBA SCENE on 27th November 2021 departing from Hurghada. Find out more HERE and secure your spot today!

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Emperor Divers to work in cooperation with Seven7Seas

Red Sea DTA Team



Emperor Divers is delighted to have established a new working relationship with Seven7Seas.

The cooperation will see Emperor help to promote the Seven7Seas brand and assist in the running of this hugely-popular, Egypt-based boat.

A five-time winner of the ‘Best Liveaboard in the Red Sea’, Seven7Seas is 41 metres long and has 12 spacious cabins each with en-suite and separate shower room.

The boat’s 5-star service brings great food and facilities and is perfect for exploring the waters with its large dive deck which has individual storage space and dedicated rinse tanks.

One of the most popular aspects of Seven7Seas is the view from the barbecue lounge – where freshly-grilled food is produced – but it also has a large dining room, welcoming bar and beautiful sundeck.

Emperor Divers CEO Alex Bryant said: “We are so happy to have been able to create this cooperation with Seven7Seas.

“She is a beautiful boat and a real favourite with divers in the Red Sea.

“With the reputation and quality Seven7Seas has, coupled with the knowledge and experience possessed by Emperor Divers, we believe by working together we can continue to create special trips for the many divers who already love visiting her and, also, for those yet to find out what a superb liveaboard she is.

“We are really looking forward to developing this relationship and seeing Seven7Seas go from strength to strength.”

Anyone wanting more information on Seven7Seas can visit email

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Ross Kemp on… Blue O Two’s Blue Melody

Red Sea DTA Team



Blue O Two were recently delighted to welcome Ross Kemp on board their award-winning Red Sea liveaboard, Blue Melody. He was filming for his latest documentary series, Ross Kemp: Deep Sea Treasure Hunter, which is now on Sky History on Mondays at 9pm (UK).

The series follows Ross as he explores remnants of some of the most significant moments in British history. During his stay on Blue Melody, he uncovered some of Britain’s Imperial past in the Red Sea.

Other episodes include a visit to the site of one of the most famous shipwrecks ever discovered, the Mary Rose, to mark the 40th anniversary of the ship being raised. Ross and his team also dived abandoned D-Day and Cornish wrecks. Among others in his team, Ross was joined in the Red Sea by marine archaeologist, Mallory Hass, legendary Dive Master, Neil Brock, as well as safety diver, Mark Culwick.

Aside from his many other exploits, Ross is a recognised figure in the UK diving industry. He delighted audiences at Go Diving Show 2023, as one of the speakers.

Mel Hicks, Blue O Two’s customer representative in the Red Sea resort, gave the low down of her experience with Ross.

“I spent the day with him and the crew on Saturday as we had a bus to go around Hurghada and do some filming on land.  He got recognized by some Brits on holiday while we were out and was very down to earth and chilled out about it – not like his Eastenders character at all!

I asked him if he gets recognized a lot still and does he mind it. He said not at all. When he’s out drinking, people often like to buy him drinks and have a good knees up, like Grant would do in the Old Vic pub, and only the occasional drunk ones want to try and fight with him.

The crew were constantly joking with him while we were driving around and he took it really well. News got around Hurghada that he was here and he said he would be happy to sign autographs/photos to send to people as he couldn’t make a night out due to prepping for filming.

For his departure transfer me and Teresa did sing the theme tune to Eastenders for him, which if you have ever heard me singing karaoke, it’s not a pleasant experience!”

Poor Ross! And what a lovely chap he is.

Visit to find out more about Blue Melody and the wonders of diving in the Red Sea.

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